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Congratulations on your engagement!  Couples considering entering into a long-term union (such as marriage) will benefit from exploring their relationship issues (or potential issues) before making the commitment.  Premarital counseling is a wonderful opportunity to assess the dynamics of your relationship and prepare yourselves for a satisfying future. Premarital counseling is very much an educational experience.  You'll learn and hone your communication skills and conflict resolution in a way that will strengthen your relationship, not hinder it.


Premarital counseling will be different for each couple.  A pastor will discuss with you beforehand your relationship and any concerns and/or discussions that you would like to go over during the course of the counseling sessions.  In general, you can expect that during the course of the session, you will discuss with your spouse and the pastor everything from finances, intimacy, crisis management (marriage crisis and others), and family, just to name a few.  Each session usually lasts about an hour and the pastor may or may not wish to speak to each of you separately, too.  You should plan on meeting with a pastor at least four different times.


Finally, in order to have a pastor from Cornerstone Presbyterian Church officiate your wedding, premarital counseling is required.


If you are interested in being married by one of Cornerstone's pastors, please contact the church office to set up an appointment.




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