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What is ministry? Could the answer be as simple as "anytime the love and grace of God touches someone in need"? Maybe ministry happens when we allow ourselves to become the heart, hands, and feet of Jesus. Or just maybe ministry could be explained as our heart's response to the grace God has shown us in our own lives. However we answer that question is not nearly so important as how we are directed and choose to live out that call on our lives each and every day.


You will find many ways the Spirit of God has called others to show forth the grace and love of God. Has there been a nudging in your heart to do something for God? Perhaps you will find others here who have taken that same nudging and are doing something with it.


If you want to get involved in one or more of the ministries listed here you are encouraged to contact either the person listed under the specific ministry area, or call Mark at 838-8530 if you feel led to start something new.

Cornerstone Presbyterian Church Ministries

Soup Kitchen Circles Grief Support Small Groups
Nursery Student Ministries Children Men's Group
Missions Women's Group Choir Praise Team
Technology Food Trailer Prayer Visitation Team




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