06.06.2021 How Can I Be Filled With the Holy Spirit (Part 2) Pastor Mark Frueh

06.02.2021 A Summer Through the Minor Prophets (Hosea) Pastor Steve Oster

05.30.2021 How Can I Be Filled With the Holy Spirit (Part 1) Pastor Mark Frueh

05.26.2021 Christian Hospitality (3 John) Pastor Steve Oster

05.23.2021 Empowered for Life & Ministry Pastor Mark Frueh

05.16.2021 Help is on the Way! Pastor Mark Frueh

05.12.2021 Blessed Guarantee Pastor Steve Oster

05.09.2021 Everything is His Pastor Mark Frueh

05.05.2021 The Stewardship of You Pastor Steve Oster

05.02.2021 Whose Money Is It? Pastor Steve Oster

04.28.2021 The Stewardship of You: Talent Pastor Steve Oster

04.21.2021 The Stewardship of You Pastor Steve Oster

04.18.2021 Discovering a New Perspective Pastor Mark Frueh

04.14.2021 The Stewardship of You Pastor Steve Oster

04.11.2021 After Easter,,,What's Next? Pastor Mark Frueh

04.07.2021 Mr. Late to the Party Pastor Steve Oster

04.04.2021 Resurrection Power Pastor Mark Frueh

04.01.2021 Maundy Thursday Pastor Mark Frueh  
03.31.2021 Holy Week Pastor Steve Oster

03.28.2021 Acknowledging the Messiah Pastor Mark Frueh

03.24.2021 What Breaks Jesus' Heart? Pastor Steve Oster

03.21.2021 Uniquely Fabulously You Pastor Mark Frueh

03.17.2021 Pillar 4: Reach Pastor Steve Oster

03.14.2021 Flourishing Disciples: Reach Pastor Steve Oster

03.10.2021 Pillar 3: Serve Pastor Steve Oster

03.07.2021 A Flourishing Disciple is Growing Up Spiritually Pastor Mark Frueh

03.03.2021 Healthy Things Grow Pastor Steve Oster

02.28.2021 A Flourishing Disciple Lives a Life of Worship Pastor Mark Frueh

02.24.2021 Understanding Biblical Worship Cali Pellenwessel

02.21.2021 Stand Therefore Pastor Mark Frueh

02.17.2021 Ash Wednesday Pastor Steve Oster

02.14.2021 The Walk of New Persons (continued) Pastor Mark Frueh

02.10.2021 Prepare for Victory (chapter 6) Pastor Steve Oster

02.07.2021 The Church - Her Hope, Her Ministry, and Her Walk Pastor Mark Frueh

02.03.2021 Imitate Christ (chapter 5) Pastor Steve Oster

01.27.2021 Unity & Holiness, Ephesians (chapter 4) Pastor Steve Oster

01.24.2021 The Mystery & Meaning of Faith, Ephesians (chapter 3) Pastor Mark Frueh

01.20.2021 Pray for Power, Ephesians (chapter 3) Pastor Steve Oster

01.17.2021 Made Alive in Christ, Ephesians (chapter 2) Pastor Mark Frueh

01.13.2021 Connected to God, Ephesians (chapter 2) Pastor Steve Oster

01.10.2021 The Believer's Position in Christ, Ephesians (chapter 1) Pastor Mark Frueh

01.06.2021 Spiritual Blessings, Ephesians (chapter 1) Pastor Steve Oster

01.03.2021 The Epistles & an Introduction to Ephesians Pastor Mark Frueh

12.30.2020 The Epistles & an Introduction to Ephesians Pastor Mark Frueh

12.27.2020 Out With the Old, In With the New Pastor Steve Oster

12.24.2020 Hope Has Arrived Pastor Mark Frueh

12.23.2020 The Spirit of Christmas Pastor Steve Oster

12.20.2020 Advent: Preparing to Meet Your Savior Pastor Mark Frueh

12.16.2020 Judgment and Justice Pastor Steve Oster

12.13.2020 Justice Will Prevail Pastor Mark Frueh

12.09.2020 You Have The Power Pastor Steve Oster

12.06.2020 You Will Have the Power Pastor Mark Frueh

12.02.2020 Sorrow to Joy Pastor Steve Oster

11.29.2020 Joy is Coming Soon Pastor Mark Frueh

11.25.2020 Take Time to Give Thanks Pastor Mark Frueh

11.22.2020 This Tomb is Temporary Pastor Mark Frueh

11.18.2020 The Promise Beyond the Grave Pastor Steve Oster

11.15.2020 No Condemnation Pastor Mark Frueh

11.11.2020 Your Sins are Forgiven Pastor Steve Oster

11.08.2020 Christ is Praying for You Pastor Mark Frueh

11.04.2020 Jesus is Praying for You Pastor Steve Oster

11.01.2020 God Gets You Pastor Mark Frueh

10.28.2020 God Gets You Pastor Steve Oster

10.25.2020 Entrusted Pastor Mark Frueh

10.21.2020 Walk in Humility Pastor Steve Oster

10.18.2020 Grace for the Humble Pastor Mark Frueh

10.11.2020 Your Prayers Have Power Pastor Mark Frueh

10.07.2020 A Heir of God Pastor Steve Oster

10.04.2020 You are a Heir of God Pastor Mark Frueh

09.27.2020 The Devil's Days are Numbered Pastor Steve Oster

09.23.2020 The Promises of God - Made in His Image Pastor Steve Oster

09.20.2020 Take God at His Word - You Were Made in His Image Pastor Steve Oster

09.16.2020 Titus 3: Taking the Church into the World Pastor Steve Oster

09.13.2020 Preparation Orders from Jesus (Laodicea) Pastor Steve Oster

09.09.2020 Titus 2: Godly Living Pastor Steve Oster

09.06.2020 The Philadelphian Church Pastor Steve Oster

09.02.2020 What Did Jesus Really Say?  Hebrew Understanding of the Beatitudes Rabbi Jack Zimmerman

08.30.2020 Preparation Orders from Jesus (Sardis) Pastor Mark Frueh

08.26.2020 Titus 1: Giving the Church Roots Pastor Steve Oster

08.23.2020 Preparation Orders from Jesus (Thyatira) Pastor Mark Frueh

08.19.2020 Acts 28: Paul in Rome Pastor Steve Oster

08.16.2020 Preparation Orders from Jesus (Pergamum) Pastor Mark Frueh

08.12.2020 Acts 27: Paul's Voyage to Rom Pastor Steve Oster

08.09.2020 Preparation Orders from Jesus (Smyrna) Pastor Mark Frueh

08.05.2020 Hope Pastor Mark Frueh

08.02.2020 Preparation Orders from Jesus (Ephesus) Pastor Mark Frueh

07.29.2020 Acts 26: Paul Before Agrippa Pastor Steve Oster

07.26.2020 Prepare for Christ's Coming Pastor Mark Frueh

07.15.2020 Acts 25 Pastor Mark Frueh

07.12.2020 Gone in the Twinkling of an Eye Pastor Mark Frueh

07.08.2020 Acts 23: God is in Control Always Pastor Steve Oster

07.05.2020 Signs of Christ's Return Pastor Mark Frueh

07.01.2020 Acts 22: Paul's Account of His Conversation Pastor Steve Oster

06.24.2020 Acts 21: Paul Returns to Jerusalem Pastor Steve Oster

06.17.2020 Acts 20: Paul's Farewell to All Mission Churches Pastor Steve Oster

06.10.2020 Acts 19: Advancing the Kingdom Leads to Spiritual Warfare Pastor Steve Oster

06.03.2020 Acts 18: Paul in Corinth Pastor Steve Oster

05.27.2020 Acts 17: The Greeks Receive the Gospel Pastor Steve Oster

05.24.2020 Pile Up Your Stones Pastor Mark Frueh

05.17.2020 In Christ Alone Pastor Mark Frueh

05.13.2020 Acts 15: The Jerusalem Council Pastor Steve Oster

05.06.2020 Acts 14: Expect Opposition to the Gospel Pastor Steve Oster

05.03.2020 Who is Jesus? Pastor Mark Frueh

04.29.2020 Acts 13: Sending of the Missionaries Pastor Steve Oster

04.26.2020 How to Live for Maximum Kingdom Impact Pastor Mark Frueh

04.22.2020 Acts: The Unchained Apostle (Chapter 12) Pastor Steve Oster

04.19.2020 The Church and the Holy Spirit Pastor Mark Frueh

04.15.2020 Acts: The Biblical Church (Chapter 11) Pastor Steve Oster

04.12.2020 Jesus is Risen Pastor Mark Frueh

04.08.2020 Acts: God is for Everyone (Chapter 10) Pastor Steve Oster


The King is Presented

Pastor Mark Frueh


Acts: The Call of Saul (Chapter 9)

Pastor Steve Oster


More Deadly Than COVID-19

Pastor Mark Frueh


Acts: Catch What God is Doing (Chapter 8)

Pastor Steve Oster


A Christian Response to Times of Crisis

Pastor Mark Frueh


Acts - Honor & Dishonor

Pastor Steve Oster


Acts - Courage and Proclamation

Pastor Steve Oster


Types of Prayer

Pastor Mark Frueh


Acts - An Impromptu Ministry

Pastor Steve Oster


Three Priorities

Pastor Mark Frueh


Acts - The Church is Born

Pastor Steve Oster




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