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10.09.2019 Being a Mature Disciple Pastor Steve
10.06.2019 Cornerstone's 5th Birthday Rev Nate D.
09.15.2019 The Holy Spirit Leads to Action Pastor Steve
09.11.2019 Foundations of a Humble Disciple Pastor Steve
08.21.2019 What Can Three Disciples Do? Pastor Steve
08.11.2019 Uniquely Called...Your Response Pastor Mark
08.07.2019 The Environment of Discipleship Pastor Mark
08.04.2019 The Ministry of a Disciple Pastor Mark
07.31.2019 Coaching as Discipleship Pastor Steve
07.28.2019 Qualities of the Hands, Part 2 Pastor Mark
07.24.2019 Your Personal Plan for Discipleship Friends of CPC
07.21.2019 Missionary Update Friends of CPC
07.17.2019 Quality of the Hands, Part 1 Pastor Steve
07.10.2019 Simple Discipleship Pastor Mark
07.07.2019 The Qualities of the Mind Pastor Mark
06.26.2019 Quality of the Heart Pastor Steve
06.23.2019 Gospel Identity Pastor Mark
06.16.2019 Our Forever Faithful Father God Pastor Mark
06.12.2019 Jesus--The Ultimate Example Pastor Steve
06.09.2019 Jesus--The Great Disciple Maker Pastor Mark
06.05.2019 The Essence of a Disciple Pastor Steve
05.29.2019 Central Christian Mystery...The Incarnation Pastor Steve
05.19.2019 Charting Your Course Pastor Mark
05.15.2019 The Authority of Scripture Pastor Steve
05.12.2019 A Mother's Calling Pastor Mark
05.05.2019 God's Love Changes Everything Pastor Mark
05.01.2019 His Love Changes Everything Pastor Steve
04.21.2019 Christ is Risen! Pastor Mark
04.17.2019 And Will Never Let You Go Pastor Steve
04.14.2019 God's Love Will Never Let You Go Pastor Mark
04.10.2019 While Correcting You Pastor Steve
04.07.2019 God Loves You Even When He is Correcting You Ken Johnson
04.03.2019 Even When You Don't Love Him Pastor Steve
03.31.2019 God Loves You Even When You Don't Love Him Pastor Mark
03.27.2019 It is Written in Red Pastor Steve
03.20.2019 His Love Never Quits Pastor Steve
03.17.2019 God Loves You - Part 4 Pastor Mark
03.06.2019 Ash Wednesday 2019 Pastor Steve
03.03.2019 God Loves You - Part 2 Pastor Mark
02.27.2019 God Loves You - Before You Were Born Pastor Steve
02.24.2019 God Loves You - Part 1 Pastor Mark
02.17.2019 Loving God Pastor Mark
02.13.2019 Painting a Beautiful Picture of the Bride Pastor Steve
02.10.2019 The Great Proposal Pastor Mark
02.06.2019 "The Faith" - Be Holy & Transform the World! Ken Johnson
02.03.2019 Part 5 - (Be Holy, Transform the World) Pastor Mark
01.27.2019 Part 4 - The Trinity Pastor Mark
01.23.2019 Understanding the Trinity Pastor Steve
01.16.2019 The Free Gift That Costs Everything Pastor Steve
01.02.2019 The Faith Template - Given Once, For All Pastor Steve
12.30.2018 Finish Well & Expect Even Greater Things in 2019 Pastor Mark
12.26.2018 Goal Setting With the Great Commission Pastor Mark
12.19.2018 God With Us - Advent Joy & Peace Pastor Steve
12.16.2018 God With Us Brings Joy Pastor Mark
12.09.2018 God With Us Brings Hope Pastor Mark
12.05.2018 God With Us - Advent Hope 2.0 Pastor Steve
11.28.2018 The Lord's Prayer (Deliver Us From Evil)...Amen Pastor Steve
11.25.2018 The Lord's Prayer (Deliver Us From Evil) Pastor Mark
11.21.2018 Thanksgiving Eve Pastor Mark
11.18.2018 The Lord's Prayer (Forgive Us Our Debts) Pastor Mark
11.14.2018 The Lord's Prayer (Lead Us Not Into Temptation) Pastor Steve
11.11.2018 A Return to First Century Discipleship Dr. Tom Litteer
11.04.2018 The Lord's Prayer (Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread) Pastor Mark
10.31.2018 The Lord's Prayer (Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread) Pastor Steve
10.28.2018 The Lord's Prayer (On Earth as it is in Heaven) Pastor Mark
10.21.2018 The Lord's Prayer (Thy Will Be Done) Pastor Mark
10.14.2018 The Lord's Prayer (Thy Kingdom Come) Pastor Mark
10.10.2018 The Lord's Prayer (Thy Kingdom Come) Pastor Steve
10.07.2018 The Lord's Prayer (Hallowed be Thy Name) Pastor Mark
10.03.2018 The Lord's Prayer (Hallowed be Thy Name) Pastor Steve
09.30.2018 The Latest From Israel Rabbi Jack
09.23.2018 The Lord's Prayer (Our Father) Pastor Mark
09.19.2018 The Lord's Prayer: What is the Time Commitment? Pastor Steve
09.16.2018 The Lord's Prayer: How Long Should We Pray Pastor Steve
09.12.2018 The Lord's Prayer: An Introduction Pastor Steve
09.09.2018 An Introduction to the Lord's Prayer Pastor Steve
09.05.2018 Apostles' Creed - The Finale Pastor Steve
09.02.2018 Apostles' Creed - Part 9 Pastor Mark
08.29.2018 Apostles' Creed - Rose, Ascended, and Sits Pastor Steve
08.26.2018 Apostles' Creed - Part 8 Pastor Mark
08.22.2018 Apostles' Creed - He Descended into Hell Pastor Steve
08.19.2018 Apostles' Creed - Part 7 Pastor Mark
08.15.2018 Apostles' Creed - Buried Pastor Steve
08.12.2018 Apostles' Creed - Part 6 Pastor Mark
08.08.2018 Apostles' Creed - Crucified & Dead Pastor Steve
08.05.2018 Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly Syd Oseles
08.01.2018 Apostles' Creed - Continued Pastor Mark
07.29.2018 Apostles' Creed - Part 5 Pastor Mark
07.25.2018 Apostles' Creed - Conceived by the Virgin Mary Pastor Steve
07.22.2018 Apostles' Creed - Part 4 Pastor Mark
07.18.2018 Apostles' Creed - I Believe Pastor Steve
07.08.2018 Apostles' Creed - Part 3 Pastor Mark
07.04.2018 God Bless America Pastor Steve
07.01.2018 Apostles' Creed - Part 2 Pastor Mark
06.27.2018 When You Do Wrong...Jesus Rescues Pastor Steve
06.24.2018 Apostles' Creed - Part 1 Pastor Mark
06.20.2018 When We Struggle...Jesus Rescues Pastor Steve
06.17.2018 Our Forever Faithful Father God Pastor Mark
06.13.2018 When You Worry...Jesus Rescues Pastor Steve
06.10.2018 Learning From Instruction Given to Leaders Pastor Mark
06.06.2018 When You're Lonely...Jesus Rescues Pastor Steve
05.30.2018 Leadership Requires Surrender Pastor Steve
05.27.2018 Remember Pastor Mark
05.23.2018 Leadership Requires Endurance Pastor Steve
05.20.2018 Power!!! Pastor Mark
05.16.2018 Gail Fletcher Testimony Gail Fletcher
05.13.2018 A Tribute and a Challenge to Moms Pastor Mark
05.09.2018 Without a Life of Worship There is No Leadership Pastor Steve
05.06.2018 Questions for the Heart, an Honest Self-Examination Pastor Mark
05.02.2018 Leadership Stems from a Submitted Heart Pastor Steve
04.29.2018 Servant Leadership is Biblical Leadership Pastor Steve
04.25.2018 Prayers to Lead Like the Heroes in the Bible Pastor Steve
04.22.2018 Courageously Following Where God is Leading Pastor Mark
04.18.2018 Your Toughest Leadership Challenge...You Pastor Steve
04.15.2018 God Designed to Serve and Lead Pastor Mark
04.11.2018 When It Comes to Leadership...People Matter Pastor Steve
04.08.2018 Rob and Michelle Schutt's Testimony Schutt's
04.04.2018 Servant Leadership Pastor Steve
04.01.2018 The Resurrection of Jesus Pastor Mark
03.25.2018 Visitation of Christ the King Pastor Mark
03.21.2018 Pray for Reconciliation Pastor Steve
03.18.2018 Seeking God to Reconcile Relationships Pastor Mark
03.14.2018 Pray to Evangelize the World Pastor Steve
03.11.2018 Seeking God to Transform Our Community Pastor Mark
03.07.2018 Pray to Transform Our Community Pastor Steve
03.04.2018 Praying for the Lost & the Transformation of Our City Pastor Mark
02.28.2018 Pray for the Lost Pastor Steve
02.25.2018 Seeking God in Prayer Pastor Mark
02.21.2018 Revival Prayers Pastor Steve
02.18.2018 Work as Worship Pastor Mark
02.14.2018 Ash Wednesday Pastor Steve
02.11.2018 Who is God Calling Me to Invest In? Pastor Mark
02.07.2018 Relational Evangelism Pastor Steve
02.04.2018 What Resources Has God Called Me to Invest in His Mission? Pastor Mark
01.31.2018 Resources Abound Pastor Steve
01.28.2018 Kingdom Partners Pastor Mark
01.24.2018 Kingdom Dream Team Elder Ken J.
01.21.2018 Count Me In! Pastor Mark
01.17.2018 Action Required Pastor Steve
01.14.2018 What If... Pastor Mark
01.10.2018 What's the Target? Pastor Steve
01.07.2018 The Need for Courageous Leaders Pastor Mark
01.03.2018 The Need for Biblical Leadership Pastor Steve

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