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Tech ministry includes all of the technological methods available to the church to:

a. Enhance worship
b. Promote the ministry of CPC
c. Enhance Christian education
d. Inform the congregation
e. Provide opportunities for outreach


Technology includes: 

a. Audio

 - Maintain an inventory of audio equipment owned by the church,
 - Mix sound for all services

 - Set up and operate appropriate audio equipment for special music, praise band and special events

 - Coordinate with the pastor, music director, worship leader to insure all audio needs will be met before the service


b. Computer/ Internet based

 - Update and maintain the church website

 - Maintain the church Facebook and Twitter accounts

 - Create slide shows for display before services

 - Operate the computer running EasyWorship during services

 - Coordinate with the pastor and worship leader to insure all scriptures, song lyrics and announcements are available and correct before service

 - Provide IT support as required


c. Video

 - Insure proper operation of A/V equipment for Sunday School and Christian Education
 - Assist the computer tech in setting up videos for worship services

 - Provide assistance to the Internet tech in editing and uploading videos

 - Act as camera person as equipment becomes available


d. Radio

 - Assist the Internet tech with archiving and uploading Souled Out

 - Maintain and insure proper operation of streaming audio to radio station




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