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What exactly is Prayer?

Prayer is a unique connection between each of us with the God of the Universe….He who created the universe….the sun and moon and all animals and people. The God who wants us to know Him and Who loved us first that we might love Him.

Prayer is asking and listening and understanding. It is like sharing time with a best friend over coffee or a soda. It could be the single word “JESUS” as your car is swerving before a crash. It can be a petition for something that is of great concern to you, such as the life and health of a friend, a child’s protection, healing, restoration of a marriage, or friendship.

The most important thing you need to know about Prayer is that God loves you so much he gave his Son Jesus to die in order for you to be forgiven for your sin. He will always and forever be there for you because he loves you so much.

The greatest Prayer is the one you pray telling God you are sorry for the bad things you have done and asking Him to forgive you and be your savior and Lord. You can be assured HE will do that and you will be a new person.

Cornerstone Presbyterian Church has many opportunities for Prayer.  The Prayer Group meets every Wednesday at 4:00 PM

Prayer Needs can be E-mailed to: Prayyior@LloydAnn.com or text to 701-833-9017

If you wish to have a prayer need listed in the Sunday Bulletin call the church office at 701-852-0315. These names will not be sent to the prayers unless you specifically ask for that.

There are prayer partners who pray as soon as they get the message if you will text or e-mail your prayer request to Prayyior@LloydAnn.com . If you would like to be one of those who will answer the call to pray, just send your e-mail address to Prayyior@LloydAnn.com with Yes…I will pray in the subject line. You will be added to those who receive every prayer request received.

The e-mail prayer group is a no-guilt prayer group. Because so many work outside of home and because of the busyness of our lives, you may not be able to pray at that moment. Just ask Jesus to handle this, and when you get time pray then, or not.

Send questions to Prayyior@LloydAnn.com




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