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01.14.2018 What If... Pastor Mark
01.10.2018 What's the Target? Pastor Steve
01.07.2018 The Need for Courageous Leaders Pastor Mark
01.03.2018 The Need for Biblical Leadership Pastor Steve
12.31.2017 Great Expectations: Preparing for the Harvest Pastor Mark
12.27.2017 2018 = Acts 2 Pastor Steve
12.24.2017 A Journey to Christmas: Jesus Has Come Pastor Mark
12.20.2017 The Star of Peace Pastor Steve
12.17.2017 A Journey to Christmas: Peace Pastor Mark
12.13.2017 The Star of Joy Pastor Steve
12.10.2017 A Journey to Christmas: Joy Pastor Mark
12.06.2017 The Star of Love Pastor Steve
12.03.2017 A Journey to Christmas: Love Pastor Mark
11.29.2017 The Star of Hope Pastor Steve
11.26.2017 A Journey to Christmas: Hope Pastor Mark
11.19.2017 The Grave Robber: A Recap Pastor Mark
11.15.2017 How to See Miracles Pastor Steve
11.12.2017 Come Forth, an Invitation into the Supernatural Pastor Mark
11.08.2017 The Grave Robber...the Seventh Sign Pastor Steve
11.05.2017 Go and Wash Pastor Mark
11.01.2017 Making Mud...the Sixth Sign Pastor Steve
10.29.2017 You Can't Get There if You Aren't Willing to Leave Pastor Mark
10.25.2017 The Water Walkers...the Fifth Sign Pastor Steve
10.22.2017 Is the Miracle You Seek Already in Your Possession? Pastor Mark
10.18.2017 The Multiplication Miracle...the Fourth Sign Pastor Steve
10.15.2017 Miracles for the Taking Pastor Mark
10.11.2017 What Have We Learned So Far? Pastor Steve
10.08.2017 Get Involved Sunday Pastor Mark
10.04.2017 Do You Want to Get Better...the Third Sign Pastor Steve
10.01.2017 Supernatural Synchronicity...An Invitation to Join God's Work Pastor Mark
09.27.2017 What's 38 Years...the Third Sign Pastor Steve
09.24.2017 WALKing the WALK With Dr. Paul Ford
09.20.2017 What's 20 Miles...the Second Sign Pastor Steve
09.17.2017 Divinely Commissioned to Influence Pastor Mark
09.13.2017 The First Sign...the Day Water Blushed Pastor Steve
09.10.2017 Seek the Miracle Maker Pastor Steve
09.06.2017 It All Leads to Humility Pastor Steve
09.03.2017 Gentleness & Humility Pastor Mark
08.23.2017 Fruit of the Spirit FAITHFULNESS Pastor Steve
08.20.2017 Kindness & Goodness Pastor Mark
08.16.2017 Fruit of the Spirit KINDNESS & GOODNESS Pastor Steve
08.13.2017 Patience Pastor Mark
08.09.2017 Fruit of the Spirit PATIENCE Pastor Steve
08.06.2017 The Source of Our Hope Pastor Steve
08.02.2017 Fruit of the Spirit HOPE Pastor Steve
07.30.2017 Self-Control Brings Us Victory in Christ Pastor Mark
07.26.2017 Fruit of the Spirit SELF-CONTROL Pastor Steve
07.19.2017 Fruit of the Spirit PEACE Pastor Steve
07.16.2017 Joy in the Lord is Our Strength Pastor Mark
07.12.2017 Henry Blackaby's Seven Realities Pastor Mark
07.09.2017 Come & See Elder Sydney
07.05.2017 Fruit of the Spirit JOY Pastor Steve
07.02.2017 The Heart of Every Christian Virtue is Love Pastor Mark
06.28.2017 Fruit of the Spirit LOVE Pastor Steve
06.25.2017 Sharing My Faith Pastor Steve
06.21.2017 Sharing My Faith Pastor Mark
06.18.2017 The Things We Treasure Pastor Mark
06.14.2017 Give it Away Pastor Steve
06.11.2017 Offering My Time Pastor Mark
06.07.2017 We Have the Time Pastor Steve
06.04.2017 Powering the Mission Pastor Mark
05.31.2017 Better Together Pastor Steve
05.28.2017 A Time to Remember Pastor Mark
05.24.2017 Biblical Community Pastor Steve
05.21.2017 Total Surrender Pastor Mark
05.17.2017 Total Surrender Pastor Steve
05.14.2017 Focus on Our Priorities Pastor Mark
05.10.2017 Focus Pastor Steve
05.07.2017 Rooted & Established in the Love of Christ Dr. Tom Litteer
05.03.2017 What Shall I Do Now...Study the Bible Pastor Steve
04.30.2017 Prayer/Connecting With God Pastor Mark
04.26.2017 The Necessity of Prayer Jeremy Meier
04.23.2017 What Shall I Do...Worship Pastor Steve
04.19.2017 Easter...Now What? Pastor Steve
04.16.2017 Resurrected! Pastor Mark
04.12.2017 Palm Sunday...Now What? Pastor Steve
04.09.2017 Triumphal Entry...Behold Your King! Pastor Mark
04.05.2017 So It Begins... Pastor Steve
04.02.2017 Turning Tragedy into Triumph Pastor Mark
03.29.2017 Redemption, Love, and Triumph Jeremy Meier
03.26.2017 Understood and Invited Pastor Mark
03.22.2017 From Torn Flesh to Trust Pastor Steve
03.19.2017 Our Choices, His Rescue, and Heaven's Provision Pastor Mark
03.15.2017 Choices Pastor Steve
03.12.2017 Signs Pastor Mark
03.08.2017 2017: Israel's Year of Jubilee: What Happens Now? Rabbi Zimmerman
03.05.2017 Why Did He Do It? Pastor Steve
03.01.2017 Regretting Our Sin Pastor Steve
02.26.2017 I Believe an Incredible Eternity Awaits Me Pastor Mark
02.22.2017 What Does God Really Want? Jeremy Meier
02.19.2017 I Believe in the Stewardship of Me Pastor Mark
02.15.2017 What Does Compassion Look Like? Pastor Steve
02.12.2017 I Believe God Calls Me to Show Compassion Pastor Mark
02.08.2017 What Happened to the Image of God? Pastor Steve
02.05.2017 I Believe God Loves All Humanity Pastor Mark
02.01.2017 What is the Church? Pastor Steve
01.29.2017 I Believe in the Church Pastor Mark
01.25.2017 Our Identity in Christ Jeremy Meier
01.22.2017 I Believe I Have a New Identity in Christ Jesus Pastor Mark
01.18.2017 True, Alive, and Crazy...THE BIBLE Pastor Steve
01.15.2017 I Believe the Bible is the Word of God Pastor Mark
01.11.2017 What About Salvation? Pastor Steve
01.08.2017 I Believe in Salvation Through Christ Pastor Mark
01.04.2017 A Different Kind of God Pastor Steve
01.01.2017 I Believe in God Who is a Personal God Pastor Mark

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